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MRS - Magic Resource Systems - Web design and development

Web design and development

Web design, development and Maintanance

 1. ForteUSA.com
Designed, developped, launched ForteUSA.com English and Chinese biligual website:www.forteusa.org



2. Forteexchange.org
Built, Launched, developed the Forte Excahnge no profit company Website and databases.

3. Chinesemagic.com
Built, launched, developed and maintained the Asian art and art supply online storehttp://Chinesemagic.com


4. API Sensor
Built, launched, developed API company website:

5. Chesapeake Bay Candle
Built, launched, developed the Chesapeake Bay candle company website


6. MRS 
Built, launched, developed and maintained MRS company website

7. Arfsys.com
Maintained and update annually of the area resource File systems(ARF)

8. Quick Health Data Online 
Maintained and updated annually of Office on Women's Health (OWH) to assess the health status of women and minority in US Update Online System – Prepare data for inclusion in the online NWHID; maintain and update web pages; Development of web-based applications to support client requirements to monitor and assess health status of disparate populations; 



9. Custombest.com
Built, launched, developed and maintained Custom products website.


10. Qitang Bath & bed incorporation
Built, launched, developed and maintained the China bath, bed and window treatment supply online store


11. Netbig.com
Built, launched, developed and maintained a leading Chinese education web portal http://www.netbig.com


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