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MRS - Magic Resource Systems - Web Analysis and Web marketing

Web Analysis and Web marketing

Web Analysis and Web marketing

1. Chinesemagic.com

Analyze Chinesemagic.com visitors’ behavior, conversion funnels and key metrics;
Manage the chinesemagic.com online store’s PPC (pay-per-click) web marketing campaign, SEM, and SEO.

2. Revolutionhealth.com

Identified KPI of Revolutionhealth.com; analyzed the web visitors’ behavior and campaigns’ effectiveness; Optimized paid search campaigns (SEM) and organic search engine results (SEO); designed web analysis reports to meet the requirements of the content centers and campaigns; provided solutions to improve the web performance

3. Netbig.com (used to be No.1 Education web portal in China  Source: CNNIC Internet survey 2000)

Analyzed the whole Netbig.com website’s key metrics, set up the ad-hoc and weekly reports for the executive board and management team; maintained netbig.com PPS campaigns.

4. QHDO (healthstatus2010.com/owh) and ARF(Arfsys.com)

Analyze whole websites traffic and web visitors’ behavior, especially the traffic resource

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