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MRS - Magic Resource Systems - MRS, We are Excellent in Web and Data

MRS, We are Excellent in Web and Data


Magic Resource Systems, LLC

The DC area based small business provides an array of full services in web design, development, web maketing, database, and other information systems services. Our business provides high quality information technology solutions and analytical expertise to private organizations, federal and state agencies as well as other sectors. We assist organizations in achieving their missions and goals through:

Web design and development,

Web maintenance and Web user behavior analysis,

 Database Engineering, web based database development, and administration,

Data analysis, Report generation, and IT consulting,

We are especially good at providing Chinese and English Billingual Website designs, development and database development for the companies which want to extend their business in both China and US.

Tools we use:

Advanced development languages, such as PHP, ASP.net, ASP, C#, Asp.net MVC, Python, and Java;

 Advanced Framework or CMS, such as Drupal, Joomla, CMS made Simple, Django;

Database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server®, Mysql, Oracle® and ACCESS;

Web design technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, Photoshop;

Statistical data and analysis systems, such as SAS® and SPSS®;

Web Analysis tools, such as google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrend;


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